I used to cook off shore in another lifetime. I was a fair cook, not a great one. I always had someone around to check my work. On Friday’s most rigs barbecue. We’d have thick steaks and burgers and we never killed anyone.

My biggest concern for the Monthly Family Barbeque is food poisoning. Under cooking meat can be a real pain in the stomach. For that reason, I serve sausage and brisket. They are pre-cooked and only need to be heated in the pit. Hamburgers are the problem. I want to serve up tasty juicy hamburgers that won’t send people to the Emergency Room.

The only way I know to do that is with practice. Each Sunday evening I will host a much smaller picnic in my front yard. I’ll have a table so you do not have to eat out of your lap. There will be some fixins’, but not as much as a typical Monthly Family Barbeque. I’ll have Lemonade available, some ice and cups. Feel free to bring your own favorite drinks (alcohol is alright).

I hope to try new recipes each Sunday evening. Some will not go over too well. Others might be just the thing. Hopefully my skills at cooking and grilling will improve and the Monthly Family Barbeque will get better. It would be really nice if you could stop by one Sunday evening and try a dish or two.