If it hasn’t happened already, the Spring Cleanup should be underway shortly. That burned-out trailer in the front should be down to its very base. That has been my albatross since three days after I took over the park. The owner abandoned it and went to jail soon afterwards. With my very limited funds I had it pulled out of the lot in hopes of placing it in the back of the park. The back end started to sag while we were moving it and that was the best place to dump it.

This should be the last big cleanup we need to do. Most of the junk is mine. I have had to strip down three other abandoned houses and there was a lot of brush on the north fence which was robbing us of room to park and to breathe.

Eventually, I hope to plant a hedge along each fence. I read that a hedge acts to block an unsightly fence and to give the impression of a wide open space. Your eye sees the wide open area and your brain forgets that the fence is only a few feet away. Of course, planting such a long a hedge will also involve running water to it and that complicates things. The pasture to the north is very beautiful and the lack of brush and vines makes the park grounds seem bigger.

Near the end of the year I hope to cut down some trees. Most of what is left in the park are clumps of trees which grew together naturally. They were not planted in any planned way. Where there are clumps, one or two trees are choking out the rest. I hope to lose the smaller trees and give the larger trees room to grow out. This will give us fuller, more rounded trees without a loss of shade. It should make mowing and playing around the tree bottoms more enjoyable.