I don’t like trilogies all that much, but I just have to see all the movies in a series. The third movie is guaranteed to be worse than one or both of the others. I’m sure the people involved are doing their best, but my expectations are usually low and I’m am not often proved wrong.

I’m not a great fan of the X-Men. I remember them from Saturday morning cartoons, but I liked the Fantastic Four and Spider-man better. I like comic book characters, but I never really collected comic books. My favorite plots involve an underdog who finds he has (or is) something special and saves the day. Individual X-Men are like that I suppose.

I liked X-Men 3. It’s a good movie and it is better than the first two movies. I left the theatre hoping for a fourth movie. The main plot was as expected, but many of the sub plots were unexpected. Even the parts I knew were coming were done well. It was well worth the two buck price.