Well, the day started around 4am and things were going downhill. The SunValley Family Barbeque got off to a dismal start. The two families which show up most often must have had other plans and just after 3pm it looked like no one was going to show up.

Even the Mrs. Garcia, who cooked the Tamales, hadn’t arrived at 2pm as promised. I read a little and dozed off for a while and at about 3:30pm the Tamales arrived. By 5pm there were more than 20 people in attendence. Luckily Mr. Elias and his family brought some fold up chairs. The park only has about 15 chairs.

Mrs. Ojeda cut the water mellon around 5:30pm and everyone, especially the children, seemed to have a good time. Most of the conversations were in Spanish, so I was unable to follow what was being said, but I was so relieved that people had attended that I didn’t mind a bit.