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Let’s say I rob a group of rich people and then use the money to save victims dying of a famine. Did I do a good thing or a bad thing? Ethically, the ends should never justify the means. I cannot justify robbing some people to aid others. It is up to those wealthy people to decide to aid the others. I cannot do good by robbing any one. (more…)
Well, it finally happened. I have had quite a bit of success with the Sun Valley Family Barbecue for more than two years. This last month only 5 people showed up. None of the regular participants arrived and I know most were at home. I hope it was just too darn hot to go outside, because my ego cannot handle any alternative. (more…)
I have a tough time recalling the names of movies I have seen. I’m getting better, but I still have trouble. I recall several movies in which black people were segregated from white people by law. I recall the image of the water fountain which said WHITE ONLY above it. I recall a movie where a black person dies because all the closest hospitals are for whites only. I wish I could recall the names of those movies. (more…)
Being a free market advocate very few myths in this book were revealing. John reveals a lot of myths but doesn’t take much time refuting them. I would have like to read a larger book or one with less myths. I skipped over many myths concerning parenting and found quite a few myths were not really myths, but subject headings. Myth busting is decidely one-sided. That’s not a fault of the author. Myths already enjoy lopsided reporting.
I have heard many arguments for a minimum wage. A minimum wage is a wage which is big enough to live on say some. A minimum wage helps the poor some plead. At least one business owner says she would always pay above minimum wage and every other business owner should support her point of view. (more…)
I apologize for high fuel prices. It’s my fault. You see, I tend to shop at one location as I get accustomed to the people or the service. I frequent a particular grocery store, a particular florest, a particular printer, and a particular gas station. (more…)