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In a recent debate, a free market detractor described libertarians as the “free market is infallible crowd.” Infallible means something is incapable of failing, but it also implies that failure and success are meaningful descriptions of the subject. Free markets cannot fail or succeed. Since there is no goal to a free market, there is no way to measure success or failure and those two results do not apply. (more…)

I ran across this statement on a discussion board about public education.

I am so sick of hearing the complaints about compulsory education.
Perhaps we could regulate debate. Everyone could pay a certain amount of debate tax each year. Certain stances could be limited by debate tax penalties and other stances could be encouraged through debate tax exemption of debate tax credits. (more…)
While researching the early history of U.S. labor, I ran across this page which has an excellent list of historical labor events. Unfortunately, the author, allen lutins (he prefers all lowercase), makes a fundamental error most free market opponents make. (more…)

I often see quotes about rights which make this assumption.

You have the right to produce goods and the production of those goods may create pollution. I, on the other hand, have the right to breathe clean air. These conflicts are resolved by creating rules and regulations with respect to such pollution.