I ran across this web site while researching Cholesterol. It’s a cruelty to animals site about the abuse of hens which provide eggs. If you have no clue how a farm works, you will probably like the web site. If you grew up on a farm you will be fascinated just how naive people can be about where their food comes from.

I grew up in the suburbs if New Orleans with over a million people and now live in a rural town of about 14,000. Having been exposed to both farming and the city life, I have found few city-dwellers understand how farmers think about animals. Conversely, few farmers grasp the perspective of city-dwellers.

I recall a conversation with an old friend about athletes. I pointed out that athletes treat their bodies as machines. If you need to boost your stamina or your speed you do certain things and consume certain items and speed or stamina increase. As long as they can the best performance out of their body and are able to use it again tomorrow, everything is good.

Farm animals are treated the same. Yes. Some times animals are injured or are treated less than humane, but that does not mean farmers are especially cruel. It can mean that we do not have the same perspective toward animals as the farmer.

Small “L” libertarians have no problem with you wanting to eat eggs which only come from free range hens. We have a problem with the solutions. If your solution involves exposing the cruelty to chickens, fine. If your solution involves forcing others to do something, then we have a problem.

So let’s see the solutions presented by this web site’s authors.

Choose Egg-Free Foods
This sounds like a reasonable action. I seriously doubt it will result in a significantly drop in egg demand and it doesn’t really solve the problem presented by the site authors.
Help Expose the Hard-Boiled Truth
Consumer education is a peaceful solution.
Tell Your Friends and Family
Consumer education is a peaceful solution.
Sign our Pledge To Not Buy Battery Cage Eggs
Consumer education is a peaceful solution.
Look for the Logo
Consumer education is a peaceful solution.
Urge the FDA to Require Full Disclosure on Cartons:
All laws require violence (or the threat of violence) to be enforced. If enough people are really concerned about the ingredients in their food then private industry will provide standards which are not required by law. The private Kosher Food labelling industry does this today. There is no need to violently enforce labelling.
Write a Letter (to a legislator)
Another violent solution. Legislators pass laws enforced by violence. Two wrongs do not make a right. Advocating violence against human beings adds problems. Violence is not an ethical solution.
Campaign Against Battery Eggs
Another violent solution