1. Continuing forever,
2. Occurring continually. Indefinitely long-continued.

I found this argument on a political forum about energy and oil.

Don’t atoms, the solar system, and the galaxy itself perpetually move?

Yes. They move, but not perpetually. Anything that has a definite end is not perpetual. The motion of an electron, a planet or a star will end eventually. They are not perpetual.

Free energy defies our understanding of the universe. That’s not to say it cannot exist, it just that our current understanding is that there is no missing or extra energy in the universe now.

Communication technology may offer you an insight you are not familiar with. When radio first came out it was AM and very much like the early internet. Many people predicted that radio would one day replace print. However, today they live side by side with television, the internet, billboards, and few otter media.

Communications teaches us that we do not always replace old technology with new technology. We find that, for voice lines, twisted pair lines are fine. We only need fiber optics in some areas. The same is true of pvc (and cpvc) plumbing. It is often superior to copper pipes in most applications, but it would be inefficient to replace all copper pipes with pvc pipes.

Seeking a solution to replace the burning of all hydrocarbons is unrealistic. My only vehicle is a ‘79 Ford F-150 which gets about 10 miles to the gallon. Replacing it is not cost efficient because I drive it less than 2,000 miles a year. I only commute 30 feet to work each day.

My solution was economic. By working from home I took a severe pay cut, but really boosted my productivity and my security. It reduced my carbon footprint without enlisting the world to conserve energy. It is a helluva lot easier for me to change me than for me to change you and the rest of the world.

We do not have to change the entire world’s consumption of oil. We only have to seek solutions which change a niche area or two. Finding cheaper methods to do the same thing. One day there will be less oil than demand for oil and oil prices will continue to rise. As that happens people will willingly make a change.