I ran across this web site this morning. Here’s a quote from the January 2008 page.
As far as I am concerned if an answer to a question isn’t in the bible, then the you have no business asking the question. A few years ago when my wife suddenly had to get an emergency c-section I was scared. But I didnt turn to any book about quarks. Luckily I had my palm pilot with me, which just happened to have the entire King James bible on it! I read a few passages that gave me the strength to pray for her and the baby to get through this ordeal. I sure didn’t need any useless trivia books about quarks to find comfort in. I have very little use for science. In fact it is in impediment to getting close to God.
Funny Stuff. There’s a link to the href=”http://www.christianforums.net/viewtopic.php?p=281462#281462″>thread on the web site where this quote came from. It looks like the author was for real. He says other funny thing later on, but then drops out of the thread. Perhaps he saw the error of his ways.