I just ran across this web site titled:

Don’t Get Scammed - Top Internet Scams Exposed!

And in the tet I found this. I kid you not:

Our top pick is Grant Search Guide which is %100 free all you have to cover is the shipping costs ($2.95).

Let me get this straight. The bastion of honesty about internet scams is telling me a bold face lie and wants me to somehow believe that paying $2.95 is some how the same as 100% free.

Think about this folks. If this person is willing to lie to you about $2.95, what else are they willing to lie about?

The web site also has this on it:

The reality is 98% of the companies offering government grant information are scams.

In all fairness to this web site owner, they never actually say whether they are in the 2% or in the 98%.