Watch this video:

This guy is too funny. I ran across him on a libertarian email newsgroup. Let’s look at his finer points. He is telling us what he would do to ruin the the American way of life (which he never actually defines). I wonder how many takes it took. He couldn’t possibly say all these things with a straight face on the first take.

I would foreclose on millions of homes. You know. Kick people out of their houses.

He would regulate the heck out of consumers and lenders. At the State level he would create Usury laws and finance regulations. He would force people to use only those vendors approved by the State.

Let market place participants be as insulated form their financial mistakes as much as possible. Deliberately prevent them from learning the small lessons about how money and credit works so that they will make huge financial mistakes down the road.

I would devalue the dollar so the price of everything would go up.

Let government print and coin money. Brilliant!

I would outsource their jobs so they couldn’t find work.

Now, at first, I thought, “WTF?” Outsourcing allows business owners to cut expenses and deliver their product or service more efficiently.

Then it dawned on me that the narrator was referring to subsidies and tariffs. He is saying that these protectionist policies keep Americans trapped in dead end jobs.

Oh, this guy is sly.

I would move all the factories to foreign countries. You know, all the good paying factory jobs?

Oh, what a wicked sense of humor. As a terrorist, he would convince employees that all higher paying service industry jobs would already be being offered by employers. He would convince an entire nation that producing something at the same quality for a cheaper price is a Bad Thing.

It’s the second sentence that gives a hint at his goal. He would convince the entire nation that the manufacturing base that was strong in the 1950s would be just as strong today, in the information age.

Oh, he is so sly. He would convince people that the job markets are not zero sum games. He would teach everyone that getting rid of lower paying manufacturing jobs in the market does not allow employers to offer high paying service industry jobs.

Thus forcing a lower average worker pay on unsuspecting employees and keeping America workers stuck in the 1950s and from becoming more productive.

I would make education unaffordable

In other words. He would promote really expensive solutions, like public education and he would push up prices by offering easy credit to purchase higher education.

[I] would make health care difficult to get and just let the insurance companies get away with murder.

You guys should really watch the video. He says this with an absolute straight face. I wonder how many times he just burst out laughing while he was reading the script.

Note the clever way he changes the subject from health care to health insurance. Like those are actually the same thing! Brilliant!

The best way to drive up health costs is to force people to use health insurance to pay for health care. Thus eliminating that negotiation between the health care provider and the health care consumer.

The best way to do that is to give incentives to people to use insurance and then to regulate the f**king hell out of the insurance industry, so their is no competition on most products and so that product innovation is almost non-existent.