I saw this comment on a townhall.com article:

So she mentions two patients that cost a lot of money. And for that we should deport 12 million people.

Oh, Dave, you poor demented fellow. You’re missing the point completely. Any solution which purports to treat immigrants like human beings will always fail miserably. Any policy in which human beings are treated with dignity and with respect hurts the true winner of high medical costs. The government bureaucrat.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, but bureaucrats are people too. In any industry in the U.S., major industry players want to be regulated by government because it drives up their profits. If you want to charge $100 for a hammer, $250 for a toilet seat or $500 for an aspirin, the best route is through government regulation of your industry.

It’s not an accident that the medical, medical related and insurance industries are the most regulated and the highest priced. Bureaucrats have to get paid and ultimately the consumers pay for everything. It is in the best interest of consumers to shop in unregulated markets.

Since consumers tend to have less political power than industry leaders, most industries are regulated. There are lots of smaller players who would love to come in and compete in these industries, but they are chased out by (You guessed it!) regulation in the industry.

The AMA, the insurance industry, medical supplies, drug companies and a plethora of other industries do their very best to lobby bureaucrats to get more regulation to fight the demand of consumers to lower prices. Bureaucrats are only too happy to oblige.

So you see, Dave, if you treat immigrants like they are flesh and blood human beings you run the risk of hurting some faceless bureaucrats. And here’s the rub, Dave. Bureaucrats are human beings too.