I have been having trouble with my Firefox browser for some time now. It is sluggish and slow and just takes too darn long to do the simplest things. When I upgraded to the latest version I was still disappointed by how slow it seemed. After a particularly slow session this morning I was considering opening a Bugzilla request.

Then I had a light bulb moment. Perhaps some add-on I installed was the culprit. So I disabled all my Add-ons and sure enough the sluggishness is gone. Now I just need to turn them back on one at a time to see which one is the problem.

I got my inspiration from an old mind trick. When you are not seeing the solution (or all the solutions) distract yourself with something else. Inspiration will sometimes come to you. I do this a lot while programming. When I have a particularly difficult stubborn algorithm problem, I sleep on it. Literally. I go to bed and often find the answer in a few hours.

During the summer time I mow the lawn (a lot). I tend more than 8 acres and 20 homes. It’s a mindless task. Even near homes it takes very little mental effort to avoid yard obstacles. Mowing the lawn is my distraction from daily life and allows me to find solutions to a plethora (I like the word) of problems which arise each month.

Find something you like to do that can distract you from the stress of your daily problems and you may find solutions popping into your head at some very unusual times. One piece of advice. Do not ever shout out “Eureka,” if your distraction is an intimate encounter with your spouse. I’m not confessing to such example, but I can foresee that as an awkward conversation.