If you are coming from the DFWREIN web site, DFWREIN, the club, seems to be shut down. DFWREIN.com is temporarily pointed to dfwrein.info, but may be diverted to some other place without notice. If you wish to stay informed about what is happening with DFWREIN you should bookmark or add to Favorites the dfwrein.info web site.

I hope to have newsletter sign up shortly to keep everyone informed about Cliff and DFWREIN. You can find out more about what’s happening by reading the posts in the forum (here and here) and the new web site (here).

Hi. My name is Charles K. Clarkson. I am a web programmer, real estate investor and free market advocate (not necessarily in that order.) I enjoy reading, music, cooking, eating and sleeping.

Clarkson Energy Homes is a company I started a few years ago. I had planned to rehabilitate older homes into green homes. The idea was born out of the frustration of looking for an energy efficient home that was not brand new.

Instead, I tried my hand at various other investments and finally purchased a mobile home community. Sun Valley MHC is the first of what I hope will be many mobile home communities which are too small to be interesting to most real estate investors.

Perhaps I’ll find a way to make Sun Valley MHC green in the end. There are some tax breaks for businesses which add wind or solar energy systems. That might get me back on track.

I am also the webmaster for:
  • DFWREIN – The Dallas Fort Worth Real Estate Investor Network
  • TREIN – The Texas Real Estate Investor Network
  • Dynamic Environmental Services – A Directory for Sanitarian and Water Resources
  • And a few others.

I have most recently started contributing to the WordPress Codex. I already have a few thousand posts helping people with Perl, so helping people with PHP should be fairly easy.

If you are in need of a web programmer I am cheap and available. I play well with others and specialize in tiny jobs for tiny businesses. I will not come to your physical site (for any amount of money), but if you can deal with me through email, phone and Paypal, you will find me responsive and worthy.

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