Argh! What moron came up with the Vista file permissions system? I hope their division was part of the recent layoffs. They were not very good at their jobs. I like to keep my download directory as empty as possible. Normally, this means deleting patches and installation files after running them. This morning I decided to catch up on some deleting. I got to one directory of ASP scripts that I wanted to keep, so I decided to move them to my documents folder. Apparently, the morons that coded this file system thought this particular directory should be owned by a program and not by me. I found this article which allows me to take ownership of files that Microsoft decided I should own with a right-click menu option. Windows 7 should come with a button that can be pushed by people who own one computer, that is used by one user who never has anyone looking over his shoulder and does not need all the passwords and permissions and encryption and other crap that gets in the way. Above all, Windows 7 needs a Stop Helping Me button.