Sun Valley MHC is a small run down community. Well, it was a run down community. It doesn’t look much better than it did three years ago, but some things are getting better. We all own our homes for one. This makes for a little more stable community. The park used to rent many of its own homes. I think this is a mistake. Renters tend to be more transient and care less about their lots than home owners. About a year ago we got a resident in who planted a garden and fixed up his home and lot. About the same time another resident was perfecting her vegetable garden. Now we have more than a half dozen gardens, mostly vegetable, but there is a beautiful rose garden mixed in. You might guess that it’s my turn, but I have a very brown thumb. I do have one corner where I’d like to add a massive planter. I just have to figure out a way to maintain it while siting on my butt in the air conditioning. I’ve been actively trying to curb the growth of our roads. It seems that the main road has gotten wider over the years. In some places it is more than forty feet wide. This is a 10 mph road with mostly residential traffic. It barely needs to be twenty feet wide to accommodate moving homes. I have recently added some old railroad ties to aid us all in finding where the road ends and the grass begins. When I say grass I am using the term loosely. A few major repairs in the beginning set aside most of the rehabilitation work I had planned. One project was irrigating the common areas to increase grass growth. The weed/grass mixture we have now seems pretty aggressive in low traffic area, but it is difficult to add grass to high traffic areas. One landscaper said good irrigation would increase grass growth enough to choke out all our weeds. Last year I cleaned up the southern fence. This year I have hired a landscaper to clean up the north fence. Hopefully I can spend more time on planning and programming to pay for them. The north fence is more overgrown than the south fence was. We’ll probably gain an extra three feet just clearing things up. If you would like to live in Sun Valley and watch it get better, let’s talk. Lot rent is $200 per month and I often have a lot or two open. Water, sewage, and maintenance is included. Call me at 254 968-8328. We allow large dogs and other pets. We have large lots and plenty of trees, grass and lots of weeds. I have space for single- or multi-wide homes and there is no restriction on home age.