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I have a book from the seventies somewhere around here called The Disaster Lobby. It’s out of print, but you can probably find it on half.com or at a used book seller. It is an important book because it tells the history of many of the disasters that were going to happen last century which never came about. Here’s a little video from The Heartland Institute about our favorite Bogeyman, Global Warming. If you are Global Warming advocate or even a skeptic, why not skip over to Heartland to see the skeptic side of the argument? It won’t kill you to look.
I ran across a reprint of these questions in The Week That Was by Fred Singer. If you are a Global Warming Apologists you will probably want to skip that second link. It will spoil all your fun. I recently posted a message at 20/20 which mention Erlich’s book. It is not comforting to know President Obama is getting advice from a former disciple of The Population Bomb.