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I just had the strangest visit. About a month ago I sold a mobile home for a woman who had abandoned it. I sold it “as is” to a buyer for $2,500. That’s what was owed on the back lot rent plus some late fees. She got $500 down and financed the rest plus some prorated rent on a note. I took the note in exchange for the back lot rent. This morning, the buyer came over with his son who acted as interpreter. He said the roof leaked. I said, okay. He asked if I had insurance to repair it. I explained that I never owned the house, that it had been abandoned and that, no, I had never had insurance on the home. Since I never lived in the house I don’t know much about it at all. I don’t recall speaking of insurance during any meetings we had prior to the sale. I asked if the leak was a bad leak and was told it was serious, but they both left just the same. They have done quite a bit of work on the house and they have already moved in. I doubt I’ll get it back, but it was a really strange conversation. Perhaps it was the translation, but the owner just seemed to make statements and seem to expect me to repair the leak in house he got for $500 down. There are a couple of lessons to learn here. First, any mobile home which has a weak spot in the floor probably has a leak somewhere. I recall a weak floor in the living room of this particular home. It was near a window and I assume that window leaked. Always leaving a window open is not usually enough to weaken the floor. It requires a constant leak and a constantly wet floor. So, if you are inspecting a mobile home look for weak spots in the floor and consider why that weak spot exists. Every weak spot is a potentially leaky wall, window or roof. Another lesson here is for me to learn. Since I get one or two abandoned homes a year and since I am expecting one again soon it behooves me to make a checklist for buyers that clearly defines what will and will not be covered should something go wrong with the unit after the sale is made. I could translate it into Spanish ahead of time just to make sure there are no false impressions about warranties or insurance.
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This guy is too funny. I ran across him on a libertarian email newsgroup. Let’s look at his finer points. He is telling us what he would do to ruin the the American way of life (which he never actually defines). I wonder how many takes it took. He couldn’t possibly say all these things with a straight face on the first take.

I would foreclose on millions of homes. You know. Kick people out of their houses.