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Sheldon Richman worte the following in Obama’s Uninformed Optimism on the Future of Freedom Foundation web site.
There is more to fear than fear itself. There’s government and its dim-witted attempts to fix the economy.
The article articulates a pet peeve of mine. Lawyers, like President Obama, do not have the training needed to make economic decisions about a whole country. Heck, economists do not have the training to make economics decisions for a whole nation. IMO, we need a system of government which strips government of the power to affect the economy. Swearing a person into office does not magically imbue that person with a means to predict the future or to understand an economy. Relying on any government official to “fix” the economy reveals at least one major flaw in our system of governance. As long as we rely on a flawed system of government we do ourselves and our descendants a huge disservice.
It seems counter-intuitive to some folks that raising tax rates might lower tax revenues. Here’s a story about a story about oil companies leaving a high tax nation for a low tax nation. This is how we chase tax revenue from our country by raising taxes.
David H. Rittgers discusses the importance of treating terrorists as criminals and thugs to be tried and jailed, not warriors or patriots to be worshiped by their comrades.
I ran across a reprint of these questions in The Week That Was by Fred Singer. If you are a Global Warming Apologists you will probably want to skip that second link. It will spoil all your fun. I recently posted a message at 20/20 which mention Erlich’s book. It is not comforting to know President Obama is getting advice from a former disciple of The Population Bomb.
This is really amazing to me. President Obama and the DNC have pledged to spend like there is no tomorrow to “fix” the economy. On several occasions, President Obama has pleaded with American youth to get involved with service to their country. Apparently working harder and more productively to pay off the huge debt he and his friends want to burden our youth with is not enough.
The Onion on Obama’s Obsessive Supporters
Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are
Barak Obama is touting a tax credit for college tuition. I can only hope that this is just a promise and will not come about. I read recently that a politicians job is to make promises. It’s not their job to fulfill their promises, just to make them. Why would I be against a tax credit? One reason was given in a short interview on my local news station. The speaker said that students could go to bigger schools. In her opinion, the tax credit would allow students to spend more on education, but Obama wanted to help people save money on tuition. Left only to the market, if the price of education was too high then colleges would have to reduce their prices. The reason we might need a tax credit to help people afford education is if we are already doing something which inhibits this market mechanism. Instead of offering a tax credit to fix the regulation, why not just repeal that regulation which messes up the market in the first place? Why does “doing something” have to add more laws? Since the market works all by itself, why not make “doing something” mean getting out of the way of the market?