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Sheldon Richman worte the following in Obama’s Uninformed Optimism on the Future of Freedom Foundation web site.
There is more to fear than fear itself. There’s government and its dim-witted attempts to fix the economy.
The article articulates a pet peeve of mine. Lawyers, like President Obama, do not have the training needed to make economic decisions about a whole country. Heck, economists do not have the training to make economics decisions for a whole nation. IMO, we need a system of government which strips government of the power to affect the economy. Swearing a person into office does not magically imbue that person with a means to predict the future or to understand an economy. Relying on any government official to “fix” the economy reveals at least one major flaw in our system of governance. As long as we rely on a flawed system of government we do ourselves and our descendants a huge disservice.
David H. Rittgers discusses the importance of treating terrorists as criminals and thugs to be tried and jailed, not warriors or patriots to be worshiped by their comrades.
The U.S. President is often called the Leader of the Free World. This is an oxymoron. Free people are able to choose at a whim who their leaders are without being locked into a choice for an arbitrary period of time. Having an elected leader of the free world makes the world less free. True freedom dictates that any person has the freedom to choose their leader or not choose any leader at all. A free person should be allowed to change that leader or elect to follow no leader or to elect to follow multiple leaders at any time. Truly free people would be allowed to follow different leaders. If John wishes to be led by Bob on financial matters and by Sue on political matters it should also be possible for Sue to follow Jean for political matters today and change her leader tomorrow to Sarah. Getting everyone to elect one person as a leader for any set period makes people less free. The President of the United states is not the leader of the free world. No one person is. Freedom requires that we are not bound to the poor decisions we made earlier except when we do so willingly, like under a private contract.